Remote Risk and Crisis Management Service

Wherever you are. Anywhere in the world. We're right there with you.

Remote Security Tracking Service

Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or just day-to-day life, whenever you, your loved ones, or your staff are on the move you can have the confidence of knowing we have your back.

Our revolutionary Remote Risk and Crisis Management Service uses state-of-the-art tech, combined with our unique elite security experience, to provide complete peace of mind.

Confidence of Knowing We're There

Travel in the confidence of knowing we’re there when you need us

Using the latest GPS tracking and local intelligence we can help you navigate the safest route to your destination. We can immediately locate you and send in operatives to remove you from a situation. And, should the worst happen, you can simply press and hold our emergency button without saying a word and we’ll know you need us.

If you knew you had a security team behind you at the push of a button, how much freer would you be to enjoy life to the full?

Our app has been carefully designed to have multiple functions such as our check-in service – so that we can ensure you have arrived safely at each of your scheduled destinations and forewarn you about travel disruptions or delayed flights. Our healthcare function enables you to notify us if you are feeling unwell in any way so that we can react or advise accordingly. We can provide you with links to up-to-the-minute information tailored to your lifestyle. And when you don’t need us, there is a privacy mode.

From Family Holidays to Asset Deliveries

We are excited about the potential our app has to make life better for so many people, from making deliveries more secure for logistics organisations around the world, enabling families to holiday with fewer concerns, giving back a sense of freedom and privacy to VIPs to helping older or vulnerable people have the confidence to lead independent lives.

Our Remote Risk and Crisis Service uses technology the way it should be used: to change lives for the better.


Easy to Use In a Way That Works For You

The ways that our revolutionary Remote Risk and Crisis Management can be used to increase safety, security and confidence for individuals and organisations are limitless.

This is the future of remote security surveillance and we are proud to be leading the way.

Perhaps you would like to feel a little safer and more confident when going out but still able to travel independently? Perhaps you have a vulnerable relative who would benefit from an on-call security service? Maybe you are an organisation that has experienced theft or threat or has a lone worker policy and are looking at ways to keep your staff safer and your insurance premiums affordable? Whatever your situation we have a remote or on-site solution for you and we would be happy to provide you with expert no-obligation advice.

Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.

Free ‘No-Obligation’ Consultation

We are ready to listen to your specific situation and subsequently design the appropriate security solution for your unique protection needs.

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