DJR Security’s VIP Transportation Service

Secure Bodyguard Security Chauffeuring

Securely transporting the people that are important to you

When you or your most cherished loved ones need transport, we have the knowledge and experience to provide smooth and secure solutions. DJR Security's VIP protection service is not available through traditional providers. Our VIP Transportation Service is a robust security foundation that empowers us to implement the most resilient and reliable solutions for safe chauffeuring.

Transporting VIPs and Providing Expert Security

There are many good reasons to work with DJR Security as we provide the highest calibre security personnel. We take time to build trusting relationships, with transparency and loyalty with our clients.

Who is Our VIP Transportation Service For?

We provide protection for VIPs, their families and the people they cherish.

Protecting Vulnerable People in Transit

Whether political, high profile or high net worth individuals, our team of professional security experts create and execute the appropriate journey management plan for each unique situation.

When there are crowds involved, multiple alternative routes and contingency plans address and overcome any unexpected occurrences at the scene.

Escorting Children & Minors

We do not comprise the safety and comfort of any life entrusted to our care. Indeed, we have a matchless record for transport of the world’s most priceless goods. But above even our own precise standards for security excellence, is the importance of the life of a child. When we are presented with the opportunity to secure the journey of a minor, the care and integrity of our team shine through every time. 

Protection Through Planning

There is not one team member that will not give all without a moment’s hesitation to protect a youngster. However, our pristine planning and deployment ensure the safety of our team and precious young clients alike. Our elite route planning ensures that the smiles are big at the start of the journey; our seamless execution makes sure the smiles get even bigger at the destination.

Why DJR For Bodyguard Security Chauffeuring

DJR Security is a group of specialist that provide the highest standards of care and safety to all its clients. Our bodyguard security chauffeuring service is second to none in the industry, here are just a few reasons to work with us.

Fast and Reactive Security Chauffeuring

We understand that speed is important for a lot of our clients. We ensure we are adaptable to their needs, and use calculated decisions and routes to ensure the safe delivery of any VIP we are transporting.

Discretion and Safety

At the heart of everything we do is the safe transportation of any we are protecting. We work on a need to know basis. This discretion factor not only provides peace of mind for our clients, but also allows us to transport VIPs more safely.

Experience and Skills

DJR is highly experienced and skilful in all factors of security, from property security through to asset transportation security. We use this advanced knowledge to provide the best protection for all we have sworn to protect.

Free ‘No-Obligation’ Consultation

We are ready to listen to your specific situation and subsequently design the appropriate security solution for your unique protection needs.

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