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DJR Security Risk Management

“We provide the highest calibre of personnel, providing Risk Management service in London, the UK and beyond. We work with our clients to build trusting relationships, with transparency and loyalty. We use experience and knowledge through our professional backgrounds and networks to be the best at what we do”.

Building an Elite Risk Management & Consultancy Service for London and Beyond

Every member of the team possesses a validated, proven and trusted career in the government & private sector. Many are ex-military, law enforcement and leaders in their field of expertise. The broad experience base of our team members is enhanced by our teamwork and dedication to managing risk for our clients.

Precisely Assembled London Based Consultancy & Investigation Services

Only working with the best of the best which is ensured through our strict personnel standards, we’re able to increase our team for specific tasks at a moments notice. We can also downscale our personnel to provide a more discreet protection service. We are highly flexible and adaptable to any task. 

We are an internationally sourced, multinational collective of experienced security professionals who ensure that we provide an uncompromised quality service.

Powerful Security. Perfect Safety. Fair Commercial Offering.

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We are ready to listen to your specific situation and subsequently design the appropriate security solution for your unique protection needs.

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