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Site Security and Property Protection Services

Even the most sophisticated electronic security requires expert human presence, intuition and execution. Our team of site security experts work in London and throughout the UK. We are highly trained and experienced professionals in property protection, allowing us to protect private residences, hotels, property, offices and workplaces.

Why DJR’s Property Protection?

DJR Security provides value beyond traditional security guarding. We have demonstrable knowledge and experience in Security Management to design, develop and deploy the impenetrable, end-to-end security solution you need.

Private Property Protection Service

We offer fully-customised, complete property protection from inception to execution. Our leading security experts bring their wealth of experience and proven track record to the locations that mean the most to you, your family and your enterprise.

We genuinely believe that DJR Security has the right solution for you and below justifies our confidence in being able to support you:

1. Clear and Effective Visual Deterrent

In addition to creating a flawless monitoring and response plan, we strategically place our security professionals in locations where they immediately detect and discourage criminals.

The best cure is prevention- a strong visual deterrent to theft, vandalism and property destruction.

2. Swift and Decisive Response

In the event of trespassing, vandalism or crime, our professional security personnel provide an immediate response.

CCTV + Professional Human Surveillance

For locations with CCTV surveillance, the DJR Security team can monitor the video footage in real time and confront suspicious activity right away. Even with state-of-the-art motion sensors, nothing replaces the speed or expertise of our trained security professionals on-site. 

Strategic and Tactical Training and Equipment

Our security personnel are equipped with years of experience and our proprietary DJR Security’s Strategic & Tactical Training. They have the knowledge and experience to neutralise a situation, contact the authorities and complete the most accurate incident report.

When speed and judgement matter most, we are there for you.

Risk Management Consultancy

3. Complete your Commitment to Safety

Premises that have security personnel and systems in place demonstrate to employees on-site that you care about their wellbeing. It boosts workforce morale and attracts top talent. It also shows visitors to your site that you are truly dedicated to the safety of your personnel, equipment and assets.

Strategic and Tactical Training and Equipment

The benefits extend to your home as well. With residential security, you receive the most priceless gift: complete peace of mind. The people that you care about are safe in their home- the very place where they should feel the safest.

Keeping your people and property safe from all disruptions, threats and crimes.

Free ‘No-Obligation’ Consultation

We are ready to listen to your specific situation and subsequently design the appropriate security solution for your unique protection needs.

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